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The UK cannot Wait for Cinemas to Reopen!

Mongoose conducted its annual survey of Cinema Society members this month and while cinemas remain closed one thing is very clear, the UK has missed it and cannot wait to get back!

They also told us that (amongst other things) they missed their regular trip to the cinema more than holidays and shopping and a lot more than going to the gym.

Worryingly 75% told us that not being able to visit the cinema had a moderate to high impact on their mental wellbeing perhaps related to the fact that 90% visit with family and friends.

As debate continues to rage about the comparative merits of streaming vs the cinema 51% told us that the best thing about watching films in cinema was the fact that there were no distractions and they were able to concentrate on the film.

There's a lot more insight in the results of our survey. Take a look for yourself...

Cinema Society Research March 2021
Download PDF • 18.25MB

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