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Our Cinema Partners

SPARK are delighted to enjoy fantastic relationships with all cinemas in the UK, however the following cinema companies retain our services to act on their behalf.

We offer Discount Cinema Ticket vouchers for business for all of our partners as well as sourcing and activating commercial partnerships.

Showcase Southampton 84.JPG

Reel Cinemas

Operating 15 cinemas across England and Wales, Reel Cinemas offer a mix of community-based historic sites and brand new state of the art multiplex cinemas.

Family-owned and run Reel have a reputation for friendly staff, great quality and reasonable pricing.


Owned by Cineworld, Picturehouse Cinemas have a network of 26 cinemas nestled in the heart of their communities.

Each cinema has its own identity and personality run by dedicated and friendly teams.

Picturehouse don't just screen excellent films but also offer places to meet, eat and relax.


Showcase operate the Showcase and Showcase Cinema de Lux brands and run 18 sites in the UK including the prestigious Bluewater cinema.

The Insider customer benefit and reward scheme has become one of the most popular in the industry.

The biggest cinema company in the UK (128 cinemas across the UK and Ireland) with the highest footfall of any chain.  It's also the second largest cinema chain in the world!

Cineworld exclusively operate brands such as 4dx, Super Screen, Screen X, VIP and of course their brilliant subscription offering "Unlimited"

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