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Why reward having "the jab" with cinema tickets? Because it works....


It's been interesting watching the response as the UK Government revealed that they are in talks with fast food providers, cinema chains and others to provide discounts and freebies in return for 18–29-year-olds getting "the jab".

There's been a mixed response. From incredulity ("Really? What a waste of money!") to a more measured understanding that a different approach may be needed for a younger age group. Despite being able to have the first jab since mid-June, only just over two-thirds of 18–29-year-olds have done so (compared to 87% of all UK adults).

If vaccinations positively impact the whole of society, then using incentives to encourage uptake is not such a great leap, nor is it particularly new or unusual.

For several years we have helped schools to encourage student attendance and good behaviour using cinema vouchers as rewards (amongst other things) and businesses are encouraged to recruit apprentices by financial incentives offered by the government. Are rewards for being vaccinated so different?

Like with most attempts to affect behaviour, “the stick” (in this case, not being able to travel or attend nightclubs etc) has only limited effectiveness. The new approach, (the carrot), injects some much-needed positivity as well as providing a shot in the arm for industries impacted by the virus. It also recognises that affecting different audiences requires different stimuli, communicated in different ways.

At Mongoose we help organisations to increase sales and engagement using incentives including cinema tickets. Plans to encourage vaccination take up using the same tools are a welcome and positive development.

For more information on how we can help you to affect the behaviour of your audiences get in touch!

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