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The Perfect Reward & Benefit Product

Mongoose Promotions are experts in helping our clients positively impact the behaviours of their employees, students, members and customers.  We use all sorts of rewards in our campaigns but the humble cinema ticket is perhaps our most effective.

A trip to the cinema remains one of the most popular and desirable leisure-time activities for all.  No matter what age, outlook or social group everyone loves a trip to the cinema and everyone has a favourite movie.

Outside of cold, hard cash, that makes the cinema ticket one of the most universal reward products around.  After all when did a shopping voucher ever take you to another planet, help you fall in love or catch a serial killer?

We've put together this simple site to give you an idea of how you might be able to use cinema to achieve your organisational objectives, so come in, have a look around!

(though as with most things in life, we'll both find out more through a conversation so get in touch today!)

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